Technology Development

Technology Development


Hop2it designs and develops its own software applications. Since the ’90’s the founders of Hop2it have


Members Account Wallet Transactions Application





The Company has operated import and export trades since 2013 as well as created brands for its own manufactured high-quality food products to be sold using our trade currencies in the Members Trade Stores. In line with this, the Company has been for some years developing an Affiliate Program to attract the many thousands of people who enjoy direct selling or network marketing sales opportunities.

To this end, through 2019 the Company has added value to its Affiliate Program and in parallel re-developed a “micro” version of its international export trades, called the Export Trade Program to be operated by a new class of Members called “Associates” that can join for FREE and participate in export trades buying fractionalized Units of product from as little as USD$25.00 per Unit.

Our Affiliate Program has been developed across the lines of Virtual Games with a layered board and other online and mobile templates masking a standard Sales Matrix Program. This manner of delivery of our Affiliate Program is both unique and we believe will be attractive to many disgruntled network marketing operators as this form of “visual representation a members Sales Volume (SV)” means that we can minimize the language barriers we have experienced across the now 20 counties where our Members reside.

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