Hop2it Acquisitions

Hop2it Acquisitions

2020 Technology & Business Asset Acquisitions

Hop2it acquires or merges with Australian business ventures.

The world stood still with the unforeseen arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Hop2it management became stranded in a number of countries with no clearance to travel. Rather than wasting this period of lockdown and Covid restrictions the company moved to sure up its commercial business activities and summarize the company’s ventures into the following industry groups: –

  1. Green Sector business ventures
  2. Mining & Resource asset acquisitions
  3. Renewable Energy including CO2 Carbon Sequestration
  4. Property

The company had since 2016 a number of Green Sector businesses in Australia since 2016 and it was logical to stabilise them through Covid and enhance them with synergistic acquisitions.

Mining and Resources has been on the Hop2it’s radar since its move to payment technology and an interest in underwriting the value of the same with minerals such as gold.

In early 2020, Hop2it management was asked to assist a distressed company and its founding director with a Renewable Energy company. This business was re-built and supported by Hop2it to where it is now moving out of R&D into preparation for a commercial marketing and manufacturing strategy in parallel with capital raising to achieve this objective.

Property plays an important part of Hop2it’s business strategy. Each Mining Tenement lies on a much larger parcel of land usually used for cattle or farming production. Hop2it is planning to acquire these land parcels to become the Land Owner and well as the Mining License Holder.

The newly incorporated Hop2it company in Australia is moving to concentrate on business venture acquisitions to develop a strong EBITDA.

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