Hop2it Product Manufacture & Distribution

Hop2it Product Manufacture

Our website address is: https://hop2it.com.au


Hop2it Produces Products FromMembers To Buy And Sell In Our Trade Stores

The Digital Trading Desks are the online platforms listing the opportunities for trade and investment and they include Desks for Container Trades, Businesses, Commodities, Members Trade Store and Members Shares, New Products, Real Estate Rentals, Real Estate Sales, Services, New Offers of Shares, Investment Loans and Trading Investments.

Opportunities must be listed by via a regional Hop2it Wealth Centre or Broker attached to the same, but Members may list their own trade items in electronic Members Stalls in the Trade Store via a Digital Trading Desk.

Australian Wealth Centres

The Company has established Hop2it Wealth Centres including a new Centre at West End in Brisbane. The Company intends to establish more franchised Hop2it Wealth Centres to distribute and broker the Company’s investment opportunities to Members. The Hop2it Wealth Centres operate from physical premises, but individual Brokers can operate digitally. The Directors believe that trade and wealth generating opportunities can be maximised by developing, motivating and training a devoted franchised and individual Broker network. The Company continues to grow this network into the future and add to the opportunity for Brokers to establish and operate in expanded business areas.

There are many mature experienced operatives in the market whose skills and experience in sales are underutilised, and who would relish the opportunity to become an independent Trade Broker. We further intend to tap into this trained and experienced human resource and recruit, train and manage them in Hop2it Wealth Centres in Asia, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and other parts of the globe where our Members reside.

The Hop2it Board has resolved to adopt an “open network” model rather than a geographic model like other Trade or Barter Exchanges. This means that the Hop2it Wealth Centres can operate within their personal network of Members irrespective of the Members place of business or residence.

We intend to offer brokerage opportunities in these areas –

  • Corporate Authorised Representative under the AFS License;
  • Brokers for the Trade Exchange; o Brokers for the 2its Exchange; o Brokers for the Digital Trading Desks;
  • Brokers and Nomads (Nominated Advisors) for the NSX (subject to our being appointed). It is Hop2it’s ambition to be the “Broker of choice” to the NSX;
  • brokers for Loans;
  • Real estate agents. Those who take on all seven brokerages may trade as a franchised Hop2it Wealth Centre. In this way, investors will come to know that the Wealth Centres are multi product brokerages.

The Hop2it Wealth Centres Broker a range of investments – called “financial products”. Our commercial focus is on brokering shares in start-up enterprises and alternative investments. As an example, a start-up would be contracted by the Hop2it Wealth Centre as a “Supported Venture” for which the Hop2it Wealth Centre will raise vital seed capital and provide a range of mentoring and services.

The Hop2it Wealth Centre at West End in Brisbane already has Supported Venture contracts with eleven start-ups at various stages of development.