Hop2it Loyalty Points

Hop2it Loyalty Points

Our website address is: https://hop2it.com.au


Member’s Earn Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are earned by Members for providing their time in completing Profile information in their Members Account Settings. You can earn up to 10,000 Loyalty Points on a page by page basis.

Go to your Members Account, open Settings > Edit myProfile and complete your Hop2it Profile.

  1. Totally Complete Your Members Profile – every page and earn Loyalty Points
  2. Earn 10,000 Loyalty Points when complete
  3. When you are ready, convert 10,000 Loyalty Points to T$1,000 2it Tokens or Trade Dollars
  4. Redeem your 2itTrade Tokens for goods and services online and at the point of sale in store or online. You can also sell ‘2its” to other members and especially Gold Merchant Members.

Members can convert their Trade Loyalty Points into either 2itTrade Tokens or Trade Dollars dependent upon their membership status. Effectively. Each Loyalty Point is valued at V$0.01c each. In this case, 10,000 Loyalty Points would convert to V$1,000 in either 2itTrade Tokens or digital Trade Dollars.