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How to Join and Become a Member

Hop2it Membership is FREE to Join. To join Hop2it’s Australian Trade & Property Exchange you need to REGISTER. To access our Registration Form there is a “Register” menu item above. Registering is easy as we only require you to enter an Introduction or INTROCODE to allow Members to introduce other new Members. We will require your Name, Email, Mobile Phone and then we ask you to set-up a Password and a PIN. Its that easy!

Importantly, Hop2it is a membership based Trade Exchange and for security of all Members, we require you to be introduced by another active Member. You need to either be sent a LINK from another Member, OR, if you do not know another Member, apply to Hop2it Admnistration be entering the IntroCode, HOP2IT, into your Registration Form. If you have any problems, enter your Name and Email Address into the Contact Us Form below or on the Footer of any page and we will contact you to assist.

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Join & Set Up Your Members Trading Account

There is no FEE to JOIN Hop2it. You can become a Member and enjoy discounts and other benefits without necessarily being required to trade in the Hop2it Exchange. We provide Loyalty Points and Tokens to allow private Members to apply them against goods and services trading Members offer. CLICK the Register as a Member LINK and add your contact details upon which we will open your Hop2it members Account and access to the Trade Store.

What Are Hop2it Trade Exchanges?

Our Trade Exchange network is property centric and operates globally using US dollars as our default currency. Regional Trade Exchanges use local currencies transparently for taxation and other reporting. Welcome to what we believe is a leading-edge trading platform designed to disrupt traditional fiat cash trading and provide members with socioeconomic alternatives to enhance their businesses, personal lives and those of their families.

Read Your Terms & Conditions of Trade in HELP Menu

When you enter your Members Account, a MAIN MENU appears on the left hand panel of your Dashboard. One of these Menus items is titles HELP. Within this menu item are a number of sub-menus which provide access to your Terms and Conditions of Membership, Privacy Policy, and other members Support utilities.

Pay Your Membership Fee & Receive Your Trading Tools


What Are Trading Tools?

Hop2it provides our Members with a number of “trading tools”. These tools are in the form of a Members Account which contains a Wallet in which Members store and transact their Trade Points, Tokens and importantly digital Trade Dollars.

How Do Trade Dollars Work?

Hop2it operates a set of products which it has stylised and calls 2itTrade Tokens (2its) and Digital Trade Dollars. Together these trading tools form the elements of a private economy with electronic payment and smart loyalty system, using the mobile and cell phones as the transaction device. The primary appeal of Hop2it’s Digital Trade Dollars to Merchant Members, as opposed to many other standard barter or loyalty programs that have operated over the last 30+ years, is that for personal Users, person-to-person (p2p) payments or transfers are provided to Members for FREE when they quality. The revenue model supports a limited number of additional services to Members for free, although this benefit is restricted to p2p and some p2b transactions.

How Can I Buy Products or Property?

Trading on Hop2it’s Trade & Property Exchange is an exciting opportunity to purchase high ticket items including real property. Digital Trade Dollars are issued and earned by our members to purchase goods, services, and property. One of the restricting factors in purchasing property is saving for the required deposit. By borrowing the deposit in Trade Dollars, our Members are able to advance their property purchases. Our in-house Legal Advisors are able to provide full services to members to acquire residential or investment property.

Is There A Career For Me?

The Company is in the process of establishing a network of individual or groups of Brokers who can be appointed to deal in any of the individual brokerages, and trade under the Hop2it brand or their own name.