Investors Participating In Hop2it’s Property Fund

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Listed Property Fund


The Company is setting up and sponsoring a Listed Property Fund as a public company. The Company will capitalise the Listed Property Fund with some of the funds raised from Private Offers, and keystone investors. The Property Fund is designed to issue a Prospectus and list on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the OTCB. Our objective is for the Company to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund.



Property Fund Investors


The Property Fund focuses on acquisition and management of income producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once listed, the Property Fund is designed to register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of Cash/Trade Dollars. In this way a value for Trade Dollars and 2its which are based on the conversion price to public company shares will be established in the market place. 2its can be swapped for Trade Dollars which can then be invested in listed shares. The Property Fund will commercially support the value of the Trade Dollars. The Property Fund will only offer shares for part cash/Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties, so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. The Listed Property Fund is designed to pay regular franked dividends to attract retiree investors, and provide solid safe income to Members.