Hop2it Trade Tokens

Hop2it Trade Tokens

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Member Trading Tokens

2itTrade Tokens – P2P and P2B

2itTrade Tokens underpin the continuous issue, distribution and circulation of Hop2it’s Digital Trade Dollars through their sale, trading, redemption for goods and services and ultimate purchase by Hop2it participating Merchants within its Regional Trade Exchanges. Each “batch” of 2itTrade Tokens are individually serial numbered and provided with a “Ceiling Sale Price”. For example, a batch of 2itTrade Tokens can be issued with a Ceiling Sale Price of say, USD$0.50c for each Token. This means that NO Tokens within that issued batch can be sold for any amount over the ceiling price.

New 2itTrade Tokens are “lent” from Hop2it’s Global Exchange in USD$. 2it’s are reloaned, traded or redeemed via Merchants who are termed Gold Members. Also Trade Brokers who hold the membership status of Platinum or Black Opal and deal in 2itTrade Tokens. Trade Brokers in this case are active Members that are enabled as “Sales Agencies”. These Trade Broker status Members are issued with, or can purchase 2itTrade Tokens at a special price and then offer them for trade or sale to merchant members. Or, in the first instance to Members in their own referral group and then to any existing or new Members globally.

All Members can buy, sell, swap or redeem 2itTrade Tokens. 2itTrade Tokens can be purchased for CASH (dependent upon status) or Trade Dollars, or a combination of both as offered in the Hop2it Trade Store which appears in every Members Account. Transactions made for 2itTrade Tokens are made between Members only and via each Members Account or at the point of sale via the Members mobile application (Hop2it APP).

2itTrade Tokens are accessed and managed from your Members Account via the Statement Menu and 2itTrade Token Ledger.