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Murrumbooee Branded Product Range


Welcome to Murrumbooee! The word Murrumbooee comes from the Australian Aboriginal word for “cascading water”. Murrumbooee is a real place surrounded by national parks. Murrumbooee is a registered Australian business and Registered Trademark, managed by our food manufacturing business, Good Food Addict Pty Ltd (www.fatg.com.au).


Murrumbooee started as a small boutique Australian condiment business. In 2017 the business was acquired by the Hop2it Group of Companies and a year later it closed its Australian condiment factory to move its food manufacturing to Asia. Murumbooee in Australia now concentrates on Hemp infused Superfoods and hemp cultivation and secondary processing. In 2018 the business expanded into Cannabinoid products and concentrated its resources on the infusion of Hemp oils and other by-products into its condiment range. Through 2019, the business Directors have been working in Asia to expand into Hemp-based textile production and other Hemp activities in Australia. In the USA Hop2it sell Murrumbooee branded CBD’s including flavored bio-soluble Oral Sprays.