Container Based Commodity Trading

Container Based Trading

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As A Hop2it Member You Can Be A Commodity Trader

Our Export Rewards Shipping Program

Earn up to 25% over 365 days. (initial purchase amount is included in daily earnings) Purchase Export Units, for as low as USD$25.00 to participate in a container based trade or Cultivation Grow of Hemp for wellness purposes through our US company or Hemp for Food and animal feed in Australia.

Unit purchases include $25 worth of complimentary Trade Tokens, that can be cashed in through the token buy-back program pushing earnings up to 50%
Unit Bulk Buy.

⇒ Lean as a Hop2it Member how you can Discover how to set up an export earnings account and create a secure leveraged income structure that can earn you up to 50% per annum.

⇒ Leverage your time & Money by creating additional income streams that can expand & grow whilst your busy with other day to day activities.

⇒ Technology advancements now allow individuals to profit from Import / Export micro shipments, through our international program.


Earn 20%  up to 365 days by purchasing Hop2it Export Units for $25.00 & receive $50 in earnings from Export Units of container based products.

+100% Bonus Token Buy Back Program: Increase earnings by 100% Every Export Unit purchase includes a complimentary amount of 25 Trade Tokens.
50% to 100% of all fees are made available to be used for buying back tokens “up to 25%” of you balance per week.
This can increase earnings by an additional 100%. Increase the buy speed of your Trade Tokens by also joining the Hop2it Affiliate Program.

+50% Bulk Export Unit Purchases: Increase earnings by 50%. Receive bonuses of up to 20% pushing earnings up a further 50% on top of what your already earning.

+5 Level Team Rewards: Additional earnings available, in the form of US$, Bitcoin & TradeTokens. Pays up to 40%

Token Buy-Back Program: Increase earnings by 100% Every Export Unit includes a complimentary amount of 25 Trade Tokens.

50% to 100% of all fees from Hop2 Wealth programs are made available, for buying back Trade Tokens. This can increase your earnings by an additional 100% taking your earnings from 200% to 300%.