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Our Australian Trade & Property Exchange


Headquartered in Australasia, Hop2It is rolling our Trade & Property Exchanges world-wide. The company has developed an international business that has developed a ‘next generation’ technology platform for businesses of all sizes and industries to participate in all aspects of regional and global trade.


Hop2it established an international USD$ digital Trade Exchange based in Asia and managed by a Hop2it holding Company. The management Company issues licenses to regional managers and operators to establish and manage the Trade Exchange in countries that operate separate fiat currencies. These Licensees operate as a traditional Trade Exchanges using Trade Dollars or T$ and the added benefit of digital instantaneous processing of T$ and fee transactions by way of mobile phone based transactions. Businesses which produce goods and services are targeted for membership in order to develop a wide range of trading opportunities for Members.


The Company contracts with a successful regional network marketing groups and managers to sell Memberships and undertake import and export container and pallet based trades in commodities such as Infant Formula, high quality food and textiles.


Transaction fees for barter based trades between members are industry competitive at 8% – paid 4% each by Seller and Buyer dependent on products and services being offered.


Within each country, Hop2it Trade Exchange transactions are made in that country’s currency. Global transactions are made in $US but the online platform provides a currency exchange service, so global trade involving two currencies can be seamlessly conducted. The Member goes into their eWallet and converts to the currency of trade and then trades in that currency. This service provides Members with the ability to trade globally while remaining tax transparent within their tax resident country



New Australian Trade Exchange


In January 2020 Hop2it launched its Australian Trade Exchange utilizing its state-of-art digital trading currencies. This Trade Exchange, although will produce Trade Dollar ($T) transaction capability for goods and services, however, our Australian Trade Exchange will be focused on the use of Trade Dollars for our Members to acquire real property.