Mining & Resources

Mining & Resources


Hop2it has been interested in mining for many years, especially Gold Mining, as a means of underwriting its payment systems. Since 2017 the company has entered into deals to merge or acquire a Gold Mine in Australia and in more recent times, we have achieved this as well as other mining interests.

Why Resource Mining

Hop2it management has suitable experience and also contracted the founding miners. We wish to utilise mining and gold assets to ass significant value to the company’s balance sheet.


Our simple approach to mining is to locate opportunities that firstly provide close proximity to our management for logistic support and security.

Secondly, we seek mergers with the owners with acquisition options so we can learn all the elements of the specific mining interest.


Hop2it Members have options to invest directly into Hop2it’s asset holding company. Other interested Investors are able to inspect each Hop2it Mining Venture and if interested, they can invest directly if an Offer document has been issued for this purpose.


This website is a first start to learning about Hop2it’s mining ventures and any investment opportunities. If you wish to participate as an investor, you must join as a Member and open an Account so that you can download an Offer document or request one.

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