Predictions from 2018 to 2020

Predictions from 2018 to 2020

What Are We Planning What Have We Done

Our Business Year 2018

has been a full year and a year of change. We acquired the Murrumbooee Superfood business in late 2017 and through this year we have been developing this business to include the infusion of international and domestically grown Hemp into the Murrumbooee branded food.

Our Business Year 2019

Management made the decision to re-structure Hop2it and all regional companies and businesses. Importantly our legacy trading software commenced re-design and total re-write into a new format to compliment the new regional Trade Exchange and Wealth Centre roll-out that will commence in January 2020.

Through 2019 we developed and commenced the re-introduction of our Associate and Affiliate Programs. We developed and designed an algorithm to provide a graphical representation of the Sales Volume of any participating Member in a standard matrix commissionable program.

Our Business Year 2020

In January this year, we released our Hop2it Australia Trade and Property Exchange. We set up an Exchange management company and laid out plans and incorporate and list an AFSL compliant licensed Property Fund. We have set up and launched our first Hop2it Wealth Centre which incorporates Trade Brokers operating Trading Desks to support our Business Members.

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