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Hop2it has been involved in technology for as long as it has been in existence. Its management has been involved in Information Technology since 1995..


In 2019 Hop2it management was invited to assist a start-up company Argyle Energy Pty Ltd and its magnetically produced electricity technology. A Hop2it Director joined the Board and due to ill health of the Argyle company Founder, causing his withdrawal, leaving Hop2it’s Director controlling governance by default.


With a name change to MAGNO ENERGY Pty Ltd and a new website at the task of shareholder, new investor management and communications was necessary. With Hop2it’s new Renewable Energy Venture underway, this website is designed to showcase our Renewable Energy Technology projects.


Points of Difference


As a new Hop2it Business Venture, we have been working hard on the movement of this project from Research & Development to Commercialisation since December 2019. Since that time Hop2it has totally managed and financed this exciting technology and its intellectual property via the Magno Energy Pty Ltd company which has significant points of difference to any solar based system.



Magno Energy Pty Ltd ACN 624 376 227 started its green energy journey in Queensland. Australia.


Our company is one of those visionaries and has spent significant time in research and development to perfect a technology that is not new but originally thought of by one, Nicola Telsa in the late 1800s.


This Hop2it Venture webpage has been developed to document this exciting “Smart Queensland” project and the many failures, and now finally successes that our company has experienced to move to commercialize the Magno Energy technology and its many uses.



Hop2it Members have options to invest directly into Hop2it’s asset holding company. If you wish, you can invest directly into Magno Energy as it has prepared its own Private Offer document. Interested Investors are able to inspect each Hop2it Venture, such as this, and if interested, they can invest directly if an Offer document has been issued in that Venture for this purpose.


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