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Our Property Portfolio


Since 2020 Hop2it Australasia has been acquiring or merging with a number of distresses businesses affected by Covid-19 or having difficulty at board or management or financial level.


At the heart of these business venture acquisitions, are a number of significant Australian Mining projects. Each of these projects has their own unique set of commercial variables which demand attendion for any successful mining and future profits. A big part of this is Mining License governance as governed by the Mines & Resources Department.


As we ventures into the Mining and Resource Sector, we saw that each mine is layered over Freehold Land owned by a third party. With this we have had to negotiate with Landowners to access our tenaments and of course pay royalties to the Landowner and the Traditional Landowners. We saw a big advantage in being the Landowner as well as the Miner.


We are delighted to announce that in the fourth quarter 2020 (Q4), that Hop2it closed its first Freehold Property with Mining Rights over EPMs or explaratory licenses we hold for Gold Mining for a parcel of land over the Nukindena Dyke 2 hours north west of Brisbane.


We are currently looking at placing under contract in 2022, a 4,000 acre Cattle Station 3 hours west of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and a 50,000 acre cattle station on which our Kaolin and Oil Shale mines are located, 150 kilometres west of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.


If all goes to plan we hope to have a stable of synergistic rural properties by Q4 2022.