Our Trading Services


Australian Exchange

Hop2it has operated internationally since 2013. Our Australian Trade Exchange opened on 1st January 2020. Our new Trade & Property Exchange offer Members an array of services not seen in Trade or Barter Exchange before. Trades can be made in any combination of Trade Dollars and fiat Cash from any mobile phone or online.

Buy & Sell

Members Trade Store

Members can buy and sell goods and services from business Members in Hop2it’s Trade Store. Members can sell in Trade Stalls provided in the Trade Store and accept digital Trade Dollars and Cash for goods or discount sales using Hop2its exclusive Trade Points. Hop2it’s Australian Trade Exchange breaks new ground in Members Trading.

Sales & Marketing

Affiliate Programs

An Export Trade Associate Program and a leading-edge matrix-based online game style Affiliate Program. Members can use business tools to set up a Sales Team to sell Hop2it products for sales commission. From Export Trade Units to high-quality food and CBD products, we have a wide variety of products to sell to create leveraged income.

Import & Export

Export Trades

Hop2it operates international trades in high-quality food products from Australia and the USA to populous countries such as China and the Sub-content. Infant Formula, Seafood, Poultry, Meat and Game are all exported by our export trading company. All Members can participate in Export Trading by purchasing our Export Trade Units from USD$25.00.

Members Services

Wealth Centres

We have opened our first Hop2it Wealth Centre in West End, Brisbane. From this Centre we will provide a range of AFSL services as well as manage our Broker and Trading Desks in support of our Members trades. Wealth Centres are being franchised across Australia while attracting Brokers who come from Fintec backgrounds.

Trading Support

Broker Trading Desks

From Wealth Centres we are providing trained Trade Brokers who provide support to business Members offering goods and services for trade sales to conserve their fiat cash. From Trading Desks our Brokers offer opportunities for trade, exports, investment, real estate, loans, shares and in all of Hop2it’s financial, trading and investment services.


Listed Property Fund

The Company has commenced setting up a Listed Property Fund with some of the funds raised from Private Offers, and keystone investors. A Prospectus and listing on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the OTCB are our objectives and to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund, provide security and pay dividends to Investors.


Trading Currencies

The Company has established 2its, which are used by the Company for trading, are intended to compete with other barter, loyalty reward, and cash-back programs. Hop2it sells the 2its to Trading Members who can then offer them to their customers as rewards for their shopping loyalty. 2its are transacted by any Members mobile phone or online.

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