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Hop2it Membership is FREE to Join. To join Hop2it’s Australian Trade & Property Exchange you need to REGISTER. To access our Registration Form there is a “Register” menu item above. Registering is easy as we only require you to enter an Introduction or INTROCODE to allow Members to introduce other new Members. We will require your Name, Email, Mobile Phone and then we ask you to set-up a Password and a PIN. Its that easy!

Importantly, Hop2it is a membership based Trade Exchange and for security of all Members, we require you to be introduced by another active Member. You need to either be sent a LINK from another Member, OR, if you do not know another Member, apply to Hop2it Admnistration be entering the IntroCode, HOP2IT, into your Registration Form. If you have any problems, enter your Name and Email Address into the Contact Us Form below or on the Footer of any page and we will contact you to assist.

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What Does Hop2it Do?

You are dealing with Hop2it Australia which is a Trade & Property Exchange using digital Trade Dollars ($T) valued at one dollar Australian (ADU$). Our Australian Trade Exchange specializes in the exchange of goods and services using $T as its medium of exchange beteen Members. The Australian Exchange works in tandem with a Property Fund that has been legally structures to move to a listing on the NSX at the earliest convenience.

What Are Hop2it Trade Exchanges?

Hop2it is an international set of regionally incorporated companies which form a global Wealth Creation Group. Hop2it is a “trading” group that provides importing and exporting services for high-quality food and other commodities. Hop2it has ventured into the manufacture of food and in recent years wellness products in the form of a number of cannabinoid (CBD) based gel caps and bio-soluble oral sprays. Hop2it installs Trade & Property Exchanges on a country-by-country basis which complies with local regulations and utilizes digital Trade Dollars issued in local currency value.

What Are Digital Trade Dollars?

Hop2it operates a set of products which it has stylised and calls Trade Tokens and Digital Trade Dollars (2its). Together these trading tools form the elements of a private economy with electronic payment and smart loyalty systems, using mobile phones as and PC’s as transaction devices. A Hop2it digital Trade Dollar is an accounting unit used to record the value of trades between active Members. One digital Trade Dollar dollar is equal to one dollar in Australian (AUD$). Ownership of Hop2it digital Trade Dollars denotes the right to receive goods and services available within the Hop2it trade network. … Hop2it digital Trade Dollars may not be redeemed for cash but can be used to purchase goods and services including high ticket items such as real property, motor vehicles, boats or anything of value.

What Are Hop2it Wealth Centres?

As part of the roll-out of country-based Hlop2it Trade & Property Exchanges, within each Exchange are a number of franchised Wealth Centres. These businesses are set up under the umbrella of Financial Services Licenses to provide an array of services to members via trained sub-licensed Trade Brokers who account manage business Members. We envisage some fifty Hop2it Wealth Centres in Australia and further Centres in Asia and the USA. The Hop2it Wealth Centres operate from physical premises, but individual Brokers can operate digitally. The Directors believe that trade and wealth-generating opportunities can be maximized by developing, motivating and training a devoted franchised and individual Broker network.

How Do Trading Desks Work?

Our Digital Trading Desks are the online platforms listing the opportunities for trade and investment and include Trade Desks operated by Trade Brokers for Container Trades, Businesses, Commodities, Members Trade Store and Members Shares, New Products, Real Estate Rentals, Real Estate Sales, Services, New Offers of Shares, Investment Loans and Trading Investments.
Opportunities must be listed by via a regional Hop2it Wealth Centre or Brokers attached to the same, but Members may list their own trade items in electronic Members Stalls in the Hop2it Trade Store via a Digital Trading Desk.

Can Anyone Be A Trade Broker?

The Company is in the process of establishing a network of individual or groups of Brokers who can be appointed to deal in any of the individual brokerages, and trade under the Hop2it brand or their own name. The Hop2it Board has resolved to adopt an “open network” model rather than a geographic model like other Trade or Barter Exchanges. This means that the Hop2it Wealth Centres can operate within their personal network of Members irrespective of the Member’s place of business or residence.
We intend to offer brokerage opportunities in these areas –
o Corporate Authorised Representative under the AFS License;
o Brokers for the Trade Exchange; o Brokers for the 2its Exchange; o Brokers for the Digital Trading Desks;
o Brokers and Nomads (Nominated Advisors) for the NSX (subject to our being appointed). It is Hop2it’s ambition to be the “Broker of choice” to the NSX;
o brokers for Loans;
o Real estate agents. Those who take on all seven brokerages may trade as a franchised Hop2it Wealth Centre. In this way, investors will come to know that the Wealth Centres are multi-product brokerages.

How Does The Listed Property Fund Work?

The Company is setting up and sponsoring a Listed Property Fund as a public company. The Company will capitalize the Listed Property Fund with some of the funds raised from Private Offers, and keystone investors. The Property Fund is designed to issue a Prospectus and list on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the OTCB. Our objective is for the Company to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund.
The Property Fund focuses on the acquisition and management of income-producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once listed, the Property Fund is designed to register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of Cash/Trade Dollars. In this way, a value for Trade Dollars and 2its which are based on the conversion price to public company shares will be established in the market place. 2its can be swapped for Trade Dollars which can then be invested in listed shares. The Property Fund will commercially support the value of the Trade Dollars. The Property Fund will only offer shares for part cash/Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. The Listed Property Fund is designed to pay regular franked dividends to attract retiree investors and provide solid safe income to Members.

As a Member Can I be an Investor?

All Hop2it Members are welcome to uptake shares in Hop2its holding company or other companies Hop2it operates that can accommodate shareholders. The Company from time to issues shares to Members on an ex gratia basis for Members loyalty, or them providing the Company with services. From time-to-time, the Company may accept digital Trade Dollars in exchange for Company shares.