Green Sector


Murrumbooee Foods

Hop2it moved into the Green Sector in 2013 with R&D into bio soluble CBD in the USA. In 2016 when Australia was moving to change its food laws to include Hemp, the company purchased the Murrumbooee branded food manufacturing business. Since then further R&D investments placed to commercialise our wellness and supplements business.



Anvari Fodder Technology

As part of Hop2it’s acquisition of the Protein Technology Research & Development company (PTRD) we offer customers advanced animal fodder technology which is a part of our organic liquid fertilizer and herbicide production process. Our fodder machinery is highly portable and cost effective for farming animal husbandry.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Hop2it acquired equity and Board control of the Protein Technology Research & Development company and its Agri Technology in 2020. A new company was incorporated by Hop2it in 2021, Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd, to market the Organic Liquid Fertilizer and Herbicide products which the Anvari technology produces commercially.


PTRD Development

Protein Technology Research & Development Pty Ltd has spend over a decade developing the Anvari technology and have received significant Government Grants to complete research and development of high quality technology to provide platforms for produce high volumes of animal fodder, organic fertilizer and herbicide.

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Mining & Resources


Australian Kaolin

Kaolin is a mineral fine white clay that is used extensively world-wide. Kaolin is used in papermaking, pharmaceuticals such as toothpaste. Every motor vehicle has at least 6kgs (15lb) of Kaolin in its manufacture. Hop2it acquired a major equity position and board control in Q4 of 2021 in Austral Dutch Kaolin Limited.


Oil Shale Fertilizer

Oil Shale is a soft stone like mineral that sits under Kaolin in a mining operation. The Austral Dutch Kaolin mine at Mt Coolon central Queensland Australia has over 950 million tonnes of Oil Shale. This commodity can be converted into fuel or in the case of our use, fertilizer. Oil Shale if 30% carbon in its makeup.


Australian Gold Mining

Hop2it has acquired three (3) Gold Mining operations in South East and Central Queensland, Australia. We have now a Freehold property with exploration and other in-ground gold mining rights which has a JORK. Our other two Gold Mines have EMPs and MDLs for Alluvial Gold and Arsenic of which gold is a by-product.


Sand & Decorative Stone

Coonambula is a series of cattle stations 6 hours north west of Brisbane. On this land Hop2it through acquisition holds a Mining License (ML) and Extractive Permits for 350,000 tonnes of high quality silica sand and decorative black and white stone. The permits span a 50 year period and the site also has alluvial gold in the sand.

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Carbon Sequatration


Magno Energy Pty Ltd

In Q! 2020, Hop2it management took board positions in Argyle Energy Pty Ltd. Through 2020 and 2021, Hop2it has financially supported this technology and by Q4, changed the company name to Magno Energy Pty Ltd. The company’s technology is unique and uses rare earth magnets to produce electricity without solar panels. Our market is domestic and commercial electricity supply, vehicles, and more recently we are powering drones.


Hop2it Carbon Solutions 

Hop2it’s directors have been involved in the CO2 Carbon Sequestration Industry in Australia and the USA since the late ‘90s. Recently the global climate community and governments have set new CO2 sequestration targets for countries to meet by 2030 and 2050 on. Hop2it has acquired in 2021, over 1 million hectares of virgin Rainforest in the New Guines Lowlands, from which it plans to issue validated Australian Carbon Certificates for sale.

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