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Our Green Business Ventures


With Hop2it’s forst Australian Green Sector business acquisition of the Murrumbooee Food and Wellness business in 2016, we have accumulated a number of synergistic green business assets.



Our simple approach to participating in the Green Sector is to locate opportunities that firstly provide close proximity to our management for logistic support and security.

Secondly, we seek mergers with the owners with acquisition options so we can learn all the elements of the specific mining interest.

Hop2it has invested time and money into the Green Sector since 2012. From the development of CBD’s, Hop2it has a number of exciting Green Ventures. In recent years during Covid-19, we have preserved and expanded our Green Ventures into a number of synergistic projects. We have summarized each Green Venture below and if you interested in investing in either Hop2it directly or any Green Venture business, contact us for further information or click on any of our assets below.


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