About HOP2IT Australia




Between 2013 and 2018 Hop2it operated its head office in Hong Kong with offices in Australia and Delaware USA. After the civil unrest in Hong Kong, we moved all operations back to the country of operation and asset holdings.

With the onset of the Corvid 19 Pandemic and Global lockdown, in late 2019, we looked for synergistic businesses to merge with or acquire. In 2020 we incorporated a new Hop2it company in Singapore to act as our centrally located holding company to manage and govern our supported venture assets. With many of the current export products from mining or manufacture being sold into Asia. We feel Singapore is the most strategic mid-point for transitional trade.

Through 2018 and 2019 we consolidated our business interests in Asia and spent time in Australia, managing existing assets and carrying out due diligence and new acquisitions of fully valued Assets and Businesses.

We spent 2020 consolidating our Resource and Green Sector businesses and incorporated a new Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd company to manage and trade Australian and Asian ventures. The results of our endeavors have been to survive the Hop2it brand through the global pandemic and against the trend, strengthen it with the acquisition of dynamic new assets for the betterment of our shareholders.



The company’s mission is to acquire resource and security assets and operate profitable production that can maximize dividends to our Shareholders and Invested Members.



To seek out and either merge or acquire company’s involved in mining resources, green projects, renewable energy technology, and property acquisitions.



Synergistic asset operations backed by benchmark management systems leading to asset optimization and maximized returns.



The Directors have strong values of integrity and loyalty. With years of experience in resource management, the development of start-ups, agriculture, and innovative technology, the maintenance of these values is both mission-critical and part of the company’s business mandate. Full transparency in all business dealings and commitment to building assets in a balanced structural way is key to the ultimate success of the company.