Hop2it Ventures

Hop2it Ventures


Hop2it selects and works with the founders of disruptive technology and distressed businesses in the Green, Mining, Renewable and Property sectors. These acquisitions and mergers have significantly added real value to the company’s EBITDA value.”

Headquartered in Australia, a new company was incorporated in Queensland, Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd. This company has been commissioned to locate, acquire and manage assets from the industries sectors of Green Technologies; Mining Resources; Renewable Energy and Property. Hop2it has recruited new management with suitable skills, experience and qualifications to oversee and liaise with employees, contractors, Local, State and Federal Government when required, on matters concerning each acquired business venture.


Hop2it Australasia has either merged with or acquired the following entities forging a serious set of synergistic business assets for profit: –

The Mining Companies

Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd

Pavstar Pty Ltd – Nukinenda Gold

Coonambula Resources Group Pty Ltd

Coonambula Gold Pty Ltd

Coonambula Sand & Gravel Pty Ltd

Riverstone Resources Pty Ltd

Cheltenham Stone Pty Ltd


ACN 097 469 139

ABN 55 010 754 355

ACN 607 591 168

ACN 607 616 311

ACN 607 615 467

ACN 140 911 922

ACN 619 584 515

The Green Sector Companies

Good Food Addict Pty Ltd

Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd

Protein Technology R&D Pty Ltd

Murrumbooee Foods & Wellness


ACN 084 366 950

ACN 645 350 750

ABN 13 155 748 271

ABN  85 084 366 950

Renewable Energy & Technology

Magno Energy Pty Ltd

MainStreet Money Pty Ltd


ACN 624 376 227

ACN 643 981 766

 A more detailed overview of Hop2it business ventures can be seen at www.hop2it.ventures


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