Trade Exchange

Hop2it established an international AUD$ digital Trade Exchange based in Australia. Our Trade Exchange provides an online Trade Store for Australian businesses and members to trade products and services for both fiat cash and our digital Trade Dollars.


Trade Desks

The Digital Trading Desks are our on line platforms listing opportunities for trade, investment including Desks for Container Trades, Businesses, Commodities, Shares, new Products, Real Estate Rentals & Sales, Services for the Trade Store, Trading Investments and Loans.



The Company is setting up and sponsoring a Listed Property Fund as a public company on the NSX. The Property Fund focuses on acquisition and management of income producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks.


Our Mission

“Through Our Operation Of A Global Import, Export & Property Trade Exchange, We Strive To Provide Business and Personal Members With A Means Of Minimizing Cash Expenditure While Increasing Customer Loyalty Through The Use Of Digital Trade Dollars And Other Tokenized Private Currencies. Our Company Has Invested In Businesses To Manufacture High Quality Food & Cannabinoid Based Health & Wellness Products To Create And Maintain Our Own Brand With Our Products And Real Property Available For Purchase By Our Active Members Using Hop2it’s Digital Trading Currency” 

Hop2it Members Export Rewards

Members Can Participate In Hop2it’s Export Rewards Program

Members can purchase Export Units in any Hop2it Trade. Units are products which are fractionalized components of a container or pallet of products. For as little as USD$25.00 Members can discover how to participate in the largest industry in the world, and leverage their time and money.

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Hop2it’s Experience

We Are a Team of Experts

Hop2it commenced export product trades in 2013 and incorporated its own export quality food company in which to manage these international exports. Infant Formula, Bone Ash, Chicken Paws are just some of the Seafood, Poultry, Meat and Game that our expert team have exported.

Our Experience
Container Based Trading

USD$ Trade Dollar Trading Opportunities

Hop2it operates an international Trade Exchange based in USD$ which undertakes the export trades with wholesale and retail customers. Over time these customers are joining our Hop2it Trade Exchange while we look at setting up local licensed Exchanges in their countries, in their currencies.

You Can Be A Trader
Container Based Trading

Murrumbooee Food & Wellness Products

In 2017 Hop2it acquired an Australian high-quality gourmet food company. The Murrumbooee (means “cascading water”) brand was raised and through 2018 we developed Hemp infused food and animal feed to compliment our CBDs sold in the USA. We have now moved on to master Hemp Cultivation and wellness product development.

Hop2it Manufactures Products
Trading Members Can Participate In Any Of These Activities

Hop2it Offers Its Members Special Wealth Creation Services

Hop2it Trading Currencies & Tools

Hop2it’s Member Trading Currencies

Loyalty Points

Used by FREE to join Members to apply points for discounts to product or service purchases in Hop2it’s Trade Store.

Trade Points

Non business (p2b) Hop2it Members can use Trade Points to trade or barter goods and services with business Members.

Trade Tokens

Tokens are used by Members who play Hop2it virtual games which operate our Associate and Affiliate Programs.

Trade Dollars

Provides (p2b) and (b2b) Members with a trading currency that conserves Member’s fiat cash when buying goods.

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Hop2it Australian Trade Exchange Launch Overview

Hop2it Wealth Centres

The Company has established Hop2it Wealth Centres including a new Centre at West End in Brisbane. The Company intends to establish more franchised Hop2it Wealth Centres to distribute and broker the Company’s investment opportunities to Members. The Hop2it Wealth Centres operate from physical premises, but individual Brokers can operate digitally. The Directors believe that trade and wealth-generating opportunities can be maximised by developing, motivating and training a devoted franchised and individual Broker network. The Company continues to grow this network into the future and add to the opportunity for Brokers to establish and operate in expanded business areas.
There are many mature experienced operatives in the market whose skills and experience in sales are underutilised, and who would relish the opportunity to become an independent Trade Broker. We further intend to tap into this trained and experienced human resource and recruit, train and manage them in Hop2it Wealth Centres in Asia, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and other parts of the globe where our Members reside.
The Hop2it Board has resolved to adopt an “open network” model rather than a geographic model like other Trade or Barter Exchanges. This means that the Hop2it Wealth Centres can operate within their personal network of Members irrespective of the Members place of business or residence.

Virtual Trading Desks

The Digital Trading Desks are the online platforms listing the opportunities for trade and investment and they include Desks for Container Trades, Businesses, Commodities, Members Trade Store and Members Shares, New Products, Real Estate Rentals, Real Estate Sales, Services, New Offers of Shares, Investment Loans and Trading Investments.
Opportunities are listed by and via a regional Hop2it Wealth Centre or a Broker attached to the same, but Members may list their own trade items in electronic Members Stalls in the Trade Store via a Digital Trading Desk.

AFSL Licensed Brokers

The Company has contracted legal and other financial services advisors to establish a subsidiary to house its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). The company, AFS License, and Business will be established utilizing some of the funds raised in Public and Private Offers. Plans are underway that our AFSL company will be established and operational by the end of the second quarter (Q2) 2020 and will trade under the Hop2it brand.
The Company has access to an existing broker network of trained and independently contracted Corporate Authorised Representatives (CARs). These Brokers will be authorized to utilize the AFS License to raise funds and deal in securities in business start-ups, trading companies, and property developments.

Listed Property Fund

The Property Fund focuses on acquisition and management of income-producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once listed, the Property Fund is designed to register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of Cash/Trade Dollars. In this way, a value for Trade Dollars and 2its which are based on the conversion price to public company shares will be established in the market place. 2its can be swapped for Trade Dollars which can then be invested in listed shares. The Property Fund will commercially support the value of the Trade Dollars. The Property Fund will only offer shares for part cash/Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. The Listed Property Fund is designed to pay regular franked dividends to attract retiree investors and provide solid safe income to Members.